Planet X

Location of Planet X in the night sky

William Coffin is a British science fiction writer, currently living in Mexico. Zarg is an alien being from Planet X, who has infiltrated William Coffin’s brain and forced him to write this blog.

So we’re here for rather different purposes.

If pushed (which he is), William will admit that he’s here to raise his profile as a writer and shift more books. Books like Project Eden, and several more to come. He also wants to put his oar in on political and environmental matters, whenever the fancy takes him.

Zarg (not his real name) is here on Earth on a peaceful mission to observe and document the imminent collapse of an over-reaching civilisation. When it’s all over  he’ll return to Planet X (not its real name). He’s here on WordPress to warn Earthlings of their impending doom. (Please don’t tell: he’s under strict instruction not to interfere.)

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